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Little Bree

This is baby Bree the only little princess  in the litter of 3 puppies. She weighed almost 5 oz's when borned .We named her Bree because she was borned breach .
She is $800.00
She was whelped on April 26th 2009
Crissy and Prancer are her parents
Most Pictures will blow up when clicking on it.
If you would like to reserve Bree please call or email



2 weeks old Bree

Bree being 3 weeks old is already letting her 2 brothers know she is the boss ,she is very stubborn and persistent .  my daughter calls her miss piggy. she is always rooting for a nipple to nurse. She is already trying to bark its like she is trying to voice her little opinion .

Bree is cute as a button!


Bree is so so cuddly and loveable