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Crissy's last litter of puppies

Sunday April 26th 2009 we were blessed with three babies from Crissy and Prancer..
We are so very thankful Crissy has given birth to 3 puppies . 1  Female and 2 boys .. This is Crissy's last litter of puppies... Crissy is a wonderful loved pet and a very good momma to her puppies ,
This was her 4 th litter in 5 years but sadly she had complications giving birth . We want breed our little girls back to back breedings . We feel it is just way to hard on them . if they have a litter a year
we feel is okay but not 2 a year...We love and cherish all our family pets.
This was our very first Emergency C-Section.. Crissy was doing great having her puppies the little girl we have named Bree (she was borned breached) . and then she had her second puppy a little boy named Skittles. Then  as we were waiting for her 3rd puppy  , I noticed she was having contractions but no pushes this went on for a hour or so and then my gut feeling was something wasn't right . I could feel I knew one puppy and thought maybe 2 more in her.. it was so early Sunday morning . I called my Vet Emergency line and with in minutes he called me back . I explained something wasn't right with her
and he knew it would take me a hour and a half to get to him . he said he would meet me at the clinic so me and Shana my daughter (best friend and helper)..Left the puppies on the heating pad for Husband Gary and son Gary Jr. to watch while we rushed Crissy to the vet . Crissy didn't seem in no pain her contrations had completely stopped..we took a laundry basket a long one and a throw  and was off to the vet .. I was very nervous and praying that everything would be okay with her and her puppies .. a hour and a half seemed so long for us.. when we got their he was waiting at the door Dr. Alexander.. and we took her straight back he checked her and sure enough she still had puppies in her he said he could give her a shot of oxytocin and start her labor back but then he said we were still looking at probably having to have a c-section any way . So I told him to go a head and do the c-section and if everything was okay with Crissy I wanted her spayed at the same time..
 he told me Crissy would be fine , but he couldn't promise me nothing on the puppies but he would try to save them.. a hour later and a bundle of nerves (Shana and I were).. he came out and said everything went good and she had a puppy in her that had died BUT she had 2 and he saved the little boy ..
it was a true miracle puppy Shana has named him Mir-Mir ( for Miracle) he is a tiny 3.2 ounces.
I couldnt thank Dr.Alexander enough for coming in on Sunday morning and saving her and her puppy.
Our prayers had been anwsered..

Crissy has 2 boys and 1 girl

Prancer is the daddy to the puppies it is his first litter..


Below is a movie clip of Crissy whelping her puppies!



Bree is already a snuggle bug, she is the biggest of them all she was borned first being breach we named her Bree .


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