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Male or Female

The Question Male or Female is asked very often to us . Which is the better companion ?

Who Potty trains easier?

 Is Females really smarter than Males?

 In our years of  raising Yorkies , most people tend to believe females are the better pet , that they are easier house broken .

In my on opinion . Yorkies and Maltese are much like us Humans. In relation to carrying the same traits as us.


Females for instance are much like us women we are very Opinated and like us have mood swings.. .We always are very busy in our house going back and forth making sure most things are in place as they should be , and whats going on , Busy Bodies ,well so is our little female dogs ours are of the couch in a instance if they hear something move or fall . They will  go investigate .They like being the boss over things .We referr to our females as our "spoiled little princess" ..love being pampered and spoiled as they should.

Our little girls tend to be more of a Daddy's girl .Our females seem to bond more with my husband and son.

House breaking I find females are more stubborn and do tend to take a little bit longer in doing so.

On the other hand males are momma's boy . Males aren't as moody . they a re more laid back and just happy lying on the couch snuggling . Don't miss understand as all yorkies are excellent watch dogs and fearless. Males seem to get along better with other dogs and are more of the laid back type in my opinion. I do think they are easier house trained . especially if they are neuter at a young age they rarely will ever mark the territory unless another dog is present