* Being a responsible dog owner

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***Please consider before bringing a dog into your home, If your willing to meet their needs. ***

Owning a dog is not just a privilege-it's a commitment and responsibility. They depend on us for,  food and shelter and Vet Care. If you are considering taking a dog into your life, you need to think seriously about the commitment that dog ownership involves and if your willing to meet their needs as a responsible dog owner.
The are messy at times , especially during the puppy teething stages . They love chewing up  things ,( We suggest lots of chew toys) . They are sometimes hard to house train and don't always make it to the pad on time, its takes time and patiences in doing so.
They will cry for few nights from being away from their litter mates, their baby blanket we provide will have the smell of their mother and litter mate to help in the transaction to their new home, but they normally still will cry. So be prepared to lose a little sleep during this time.
Someone will need to be willing to clean up after them , with most young children when the new wears off ,so does the up keep,  parents please do consider this.
Even though puppies grow into dogs , they need the same love and care as they were as a puppy.
Dogs are unmatched in their devotion, loyalty and friendship to us humans. Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows they give back hundred-fold in return. The love your dog shows when you come home, the wagging tail and prancing little feet from being  so excited to greet you and you got to love those sweet little puppy kisses.
We love our puppies ! We want them to remain happy ,healty and loved in their new home.