How to reserve one of our puppies

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If you would like to reserve one of our puppies. We have had more than one person wanting the same puppy, and it is very hard to manage this with out hurting feelings. If you are sure you want a puppy, we strongly suggest that you place a deposit on the puppy immediately. If a second party discovers the puppy or wants the pick of the litter  . We go by the first deposit  in gets to pick the puppy of their choice
If no deposit has been place , and the second party
has offered to buy ,considering they appear to be a good home,  we would be foolish to turn them
All our Maltese puppies in our last litter were reserved  with deposits before they were two weeks old.
If you have decided you want a puppy . We will need a deposit to hold one for you. W ask for a $200.00 deposit - POSTAL MONEY ORDER ONLY !!!!
If it is a postal money order, I do not have to go to the bank to cash it . I can at our local post office. We live on the outer part of town and don't go into town
between dogs,puppies and other pets . Deposits are non-refundable...
Please email us for our mailing addresse.